Waterflood Reservoir Engineer (Houston, Texas)

Job Description:

The successful candidate will be responsible for implementation of new waterfloods along with surveillance of existing Murex Operated waterfloods in the Williston Basin. As an active contributing member of a small team, this Engineer will be responsible for all reservoir engineering aspects to increase the Recoverable Reserves, Rate of Return, & Net Present Value of existing & all new waterfloods. The scope of work from this role ranges from pre-flood recovery and economic screening to conducting unitization meetings to testifying before the North Dakota Industrial Commission for unitization approval to implementation & surveillance of all Murex Operated waterfloods

Qualifications: 5 – 10 year Reservoir Engineering experience with 3 – 5+ years of waterflood experience
  • Bachelor’s degree in petroleum engineering
  • Experience with all phases – both technical and non-technical needed to implement a waterflood
  • Experience with economic programs – perferably PowerTools
  • Experience Petra for mapping and cross sections
  • Experience with waterflood recovery analytical prediction methods
  • Proven track record of implementing and maintaining a successful economic waterflood
  • Experience with petrophysical analyses, special core tests, compatibility tests and Fluid property evaluations
  • Experience Maximizing Areal and Vertical Sweet Efficiencies along with Optimizing the Displacement Efficiency
  • Experience with Pressure Transient analyses- including drawdowns, buildsups and Interference testing
  • Experience with tracers
  • Experience with Step Rate Tests, Injection Profile Tests, & Hall Plots

Duties Include:
  • Create base maps, structure maps, net pay maps, HCPV maps, and cross section
  • Construct and update wellbore diagrams along with well history
  • Determine optimum injection well placement / pattern, interval for injection, and
  • Predicted injection rates vs. time per well
  • Calculate ultimate primary recovery and the projected secondary recovery and timing
  • For evaluation of the economics
  • Handle unitization partner meetings
  • Testify at the North Dakota Industiral Commission on hearings necessary for the approval of each waterflood unit
  • Perform all necessary compatibility tests
  • Design and perform annual step rate tests on each injector
  • Perform annual Injection Profile tests for each injector
  • Monitor monthly each individual production & injection well performance
  • Monitor monthly Pattern Balancing, Water Cut Maps, etc
  • Handle any other Reservoir Engineering assignments needed
To apply please complete the Employment Application and email to our HR Department along with your resume, or fax to (866) 241-4096.
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